New Creatures

My preferred cartoon form is continually evolving. I tend to have one go-to favourite form, but I like to keep expanding my visual vocabulary to fit in lots of slight variations on different types of forms. The round, stick-limbed characters in this post are a relatively recent stylistic development - used in projects like VENUS POLLEN HIGH SCHOOL. They are not my norm, but they are different and special.

I wanted to simplify my characters to an extreme, taking them as far to basic as they could go without becoming completely standard stick figures. Stick figures are interesting cultural artefacts, especially as very standardised forms used by people who don't enjoy drawing. Obviously I do enjoy drawing, and perhaps my (less standardized) versions of stick figures reflect that. The round bodies make them look like Purple Ronnie, and I found that they were really good for working on top of when I wanted to add detail. I like them on their own, though, as they have a great childlike figure to them and their simplicity can be beautiful.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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