Greyscale Ghost

I flit between full colour and greyscale scans because both have such a unique kind of beauty to them. In this post I want to talk about why I like black and white scans. First of all, they're quicker. The green scanner light rushes past, and when the thing you're scanning is your face, this increased speed makes the experience a whole lot more comfortable. After scanning in colour for a while, the quickness of black and white scans is refreshing.

Other than the perk of increased speed, I like scanning in greyscale because it has this kinda smart feel to it. The rich quality of the scans is present in the texture of both greyscale and colour images, but greyscale lends itself more towards a polished, dramatic vibe. Greyscale is such a natural accompaniment to eerie, ethereal imagery. Colour scans are more real in that they show more nuance in detail through their depth of colour, whilst greyscale images have this cool ghostly feel.

I love both options, but for now, I'm grey.

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