Fitting Room Focus: Topshop Love

Prior to the making of this post, I had never been in the Oxford Street Topshop fitting rooms before. Oxford Street shops are scarily busy, so I tend to avoid them, but this Topshop is nicely spaced out and as I was there fairly early in the morning (catching that worm, y'know) it wasn't too busy.

top - £28, skirt - £30
So the first thing I spotted was this incredible two piece. It reminds me of Charli XCX's style - cute and magic with a little kitsch thrown in, but also hella comfortable. It's so adorable. It's such a happy little outfit, it makes me wanna bounce around. This is ideal attire for a court meeting in a bouncy castle.

top - £8, trousers - £42
This outfit has a smart casual vibe but also manages to remind me of the glorious/horrifying (delete according to preference) 1990s, and in particular my favourite purple suited 90s teen, Billie Piper. I still am so shocked that crop tops are having such a resurgence. I hated them for a long time, but after seeing steadily more and more people wearing them and looking amazing, I've given in. I think this one looks really cute paired with some smart trousers to give a more mature edge to the baby pink smallness of it.

I may not be 16 any more, but I am still hoping a record label will reach out to me and ask if I'd like to dance with a CGI rhino just like Billie. We all have our aspirations, mine are just perhaps more rhino-focused than most.


  1. Lovely picks! I especially like the trousers. Really chic!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. The hearts are so cute. I love matching top and bottom outfits :)


    1. Matching two pieces are so cool, right?

  3. I love your fitting room posts! So cute. I've been pondering buying that heart skirt for a while, & yay crop tops 4ever!!

    1. Thanks! Maybe I should start a crop top club.


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