Fitting Room Focus: Sporty Casual Smart Perfect!

I went into River Island (the shop with the fitting room I most like to dance in) and found a nice little arrangement of goodies, including denim wonders and a dress suitable for most occasions (possibly not suitable for working in the coal mine, but please prove me wrong).

The selection in all its acid washed glory.

Jumper - £30 (link), shorts - £30 (link).
I found these perfect cuffed denim shorts with a nice acid wash. The cuffs are ideal, nice and thick, and the shorts themselves are perfectly buoyant in terms of shape.

This is obviously not a clothing photo, but I've been starting to miss my long hair a bit and being able to put all my hair in a bun or a ponytail. I do kinda like the way the back of my hair hangs down though. I dunno. I feel pretty relaxed about my hair, but I thought I would bolster my hair satisfaction by posting this photo, because looking at my hair from all angles in a fitting room always makes me feel totally fine with my hair. Anyway, hair-based post derailment over.

Sleeveless denim jacket - £20 (link), leggings - £18 (link).
I love these leggings so much. The piped detail running down the legs and the bright, light blue marl. It's such a pretty colour, soft but bright and noticeable. The fit was perfect too. The only potential concern was that they are slightly thicker material than many leggings and it's hard to tell in a fitting room how flexible they are. They might be perfectly flexible and comfortable, but I wouldn't know that for sure unless I wore them for a day (or at least for a few hours walking about and so on). Comfort is the single most important factor in clothing to me - it's no use having a beautiful garment if you feel all stiff and uncomfortable in it - so I try to make sure that any additions to my wardrobe are soft, flexible, and comfortable. If you find the perfect item in a shop and discover that it's uncomfortable, move on; there will always be another perfect item.

The jumper is interesting. A good, light summer jumper which hangs with a sort of casual elegance. The bottom half of the jumper's back has a lovely faux shirt piece which drapes over your bum all flowing like, so you can waft about like a stylish little dandelion.

Piping detail.

Dress - £28 (link).
This dress has a very slight hint of sporty casual, which I think helps to make it a cute and carefree take on a smart bodycon dress. It wouldn't look out of place when you're just going down the offie for a bottle of Lambrini, but it would also be a good party dress, and could potentially work for a job interview. A proper all-rounder.


  1. Wow this dress looks amazing. I don't know maybe only on you, but it's really nice, haha

    Mary x

  2. Great post,dear!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella <3

  3. Adore your picks, the dress is really wonderful, can see it being worn out with pearls and cute heels or just on daily base with a faux leather jacket.

    1. It's perfect, right? Would TOTALLY put it with a leather jacket.


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