Fitting Room Focus: Picnic Pleats

For ages I've loved pleats of all variations. I think they're such a pleasing detail that give that perfect crepe paper texture. I found this cute light pink skirt with beautiful knife pleats in Dorothy Perkins, along with some other cool stuff.

top - £15, skirt - £22
This outfit reminded me of sunny picnics. The thin, delicate pleats are really pretty on a longer skirt, and I love the peachy pink tone. As for the top, I like the watery colours, the abstract pattern that's not too loud, and the white cuff detail. The back of the top was also white, which I thought was a nice touch. I look like a garden and I love it.

jumper - £25, shorts - £20
This outfit has such a fun 40s vibe. The jumper is so soft and comfy. The round collar is ideal, and the jewels add a nice touch of glamour  I love the smart cut and detailing of the shorts. The high waist makes these shorts look like adventuring shorts. They are a very pale pink, so the garden-esque feel is still present.

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