Dishevelled Art Student: A Look

I wore this to see the MFA graduate show at Wimbledon. I was feeling a bit tired that day so I put the outfit together for ultimate comfort, but it's interesting to note some of the aesthetic details, such as the polo neck collar, the white piping on the jacket, and the general schoolgirl feel that exposed ankle socks and white polos have.

This is such a simple and crumpled look, but I feel like there is something a little adventurous about it. I feel like thorn scratches on my legs would be appropriate accompaniment to this ensemble, as well as maybe a  tin lunch box or a jar of blackberries. Maybe I'm treating myself too much like I'm a paper doll here. I do love collecting blackberries though.

The jacket is borrowed from my mum, and it's actually the comfiest jacket I've ever worn. I used to wear suit jackets constantly and whilst I still have a fondness for them, I now find them quite impractical as they tend to be made of then material and look a bit dull. This jacket is the perfect solution because it's made of lovely jersey material and is considerably too big for me. It's like carrying around a cushion - very comforting. I also bought a set of polo shirts a while back because I find that they are a nice compromise between well fitting and comfortably loose clothing, and wearing collars is nice sometimes, even if they bend in the wrong places and end up looking messy.

The skirt is a very comfortable, elasticated, crumply thing with from H&M. Honestly, what would I do without elasticated waistbands?

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