Diner Dress

I've always enjoyed outfit posts but have never done any myself because I didn't feel confident I could take good pictures or that it would be interesting, but having being doing Fitting Room Focus for a while now, I really want to start doing posts about the clothes I own and love too. So here is my very first outfit of the day post!

Sometimes outfits or items of clothing can hold such a mood inside them. They're connected to you and specific moments or feelings via their smells, texture, and the way the fabric falls on you. There's so much sentimental depth, potentially, to any object, but the flexibility of clothes and the fact that they interact with you and your surroundings in such a prolonged and constant and malleable way makes the influential effects of clothes quite unique and special.

I spotted this dress at an East London market. It reminded me of the summer dresses I wore at school, but with a more grown up look thanks to smart details such as the elasticated waist, double breast pockets, and the navy collar and buttoned placket (in the process of writing this post I have learned the word "placket" - useful). I snapped it up at £3 and had my personal tailor (boyfriend) make a new buttonhole as it was just a little bit too low cut. Later I was thrilled to find out that the skirt hid two massive side pockets. Score!

I call it my diner dress since it reminds me of American diner uniforms like the ones in Twin Peaks. It also makes me feel like I ought to be having some sort of Enid Blyton adventure in a forest. It's a good warm weather dress since the big skirt gives your legs a lot of airing out and the big pockets mean you can be freed from carrying bags if you only want to carry some small things. I'm also wearing some of my favourite floral socks from H&M, and Primark plimsolls.



  1. a good dress, reminds me of twin peaks without being a direct ripoff of an exact Audrey Horne ensemble (which is cute but overdone IMO)

    1. Cheers Madame Squelette! I love Audrey but I'm never gonna be Audrey> I've def seen a lot of Audrey imitation but every single character in Twin Peaks has SUCH interesting ensembles. I would quite like to emulate the Dick Tremayne look.


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