Cherry Picking

A group of cherries in a colander.

Last week Elliot's cherry tree was ripe for picking, so we spent a good portion of Tuesday afternoon getting lots of them down (or rather, I watched from the shade as he plucked them from their dangling positions). The amount of cherries that come off this thing is just astounding! The pigeons do their best to steal as many as possible, but despite their efforts they barely lessen the incredible mountain of cherries acquired. The cherries pictured in this post are the result of about an hour's picking and are a pretty small portion of the full amount of cherries on the tree.

You can see me awkwardly posing in one of these pictures and it was after that picture was taken that I realised I am wearing the baggiest outfit in the universe. The potato sack look is a trend I'm trying to make happen, and if it does happen, you can use your fashionable sacks to carry around plenty of cherries in - useful!

A pigeon sits perched on top of a cherry tree.

Bloke carrying a ladder.

Bloke in a tree.

Bloke up a ladder picking the heck outta some cherries.

Bloke standing on stepladder gazes off into the middle distance.

A white bowl full of cherries.

Me standing at the kitchen door with Elliot behind me on his ladder.

Bloke returns to the kitchen with a nice carrier bag filled with cherries. Yum!

Two large bowls filled to the brim with glistening cherries.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".


  1. You picked so many cherries, wish I had an opportunity to have that many, but I am left with just buying them :)


    P.S. if you want to, then check out my blog

    1. And this is just a fraction of the cherries that the tree produced. There are so many of them. Elliot has to give lots of them to neighbours. Lucky neighbours!


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