Bees & Sheep

I have had a very nice week in Scotland and am now back home with a fan directed at my face and a list of work to do. The window is open, the freezer is stocked with ice cream, and I am wearing a school polo shirt. Here are lots of pictures from this lovely, sunny week, filled with lots of greenery as we visited The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and climbed Dumyat in Stirling (in exhausting heat no less), meeting several very cute bees and sheep along the way.

You can also check out my 9 day Scotland vlog here.

Plants and view from the top of The National Museum of Scotland.

My first bee sighting of many.

There were lots of bees hovering around this beautiful plant with wispy white flowers. Did this plant come here from a enchanted forest full of fairies? I'm going to assume it did.

An incredible shell-decorated grotto in the Queen Mother's memorial garden, Royal Botanic.

Botanic Gardens gate by Benjamin Tindall (architect) and Alan Dawson (blacksmith). Made in 1996.

 A face drawn on the glass at a bus stop in Edinburgh.

A view from near the bottom of Dumyat (such an incredible blue sky).

A sheep Elliot tried and failed to make friends with.

The wool we collected from Dumyat. There was so much of it lying around. Elliot wants to spin it to make thread.


  1. Bees are sometimes so hard to photograph, haha. But anyway great shots, I really enjoyed looking at them.


    1. Thank you! Yeah, you should've seen the amount of blurry bee photos I had, haha.


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