Perfect World

Perfect World is my first zine for a good while (excepting Caterpeep, which was my proper first dip back into the zine pool) , and it was actually quite astonishing to see just how much my attitude to making has changed since the last one I made. I knew I'd grown, but since growth is usually gradual it was really nice to to discover just how much. The zine-making process was a lot more carefree than I remember it being before - I was doodling and writing away and sticking things down without too much hesitation. I know I would have been much more cautious a year or two ago, even though I was already well into encouraging myself to be less hesitant when making things back then.

Until now my most beloved zine was a zine called "nice" - a very neat zine with drawings collaged very smartly inside and populated somewhat sparsely with pleasing words and sentence fragments stamped in letter by letter. My focus was on making it as pretty as possible and showing off some of my best work. I was, and still am, very fond of it. It was like a mini portfolio.

Perfect World was made with the same general goal of being a little guide to my innermost thoughts, and full of stuff that, in some capacity, I could call my "best". What is most obvious is that my "best" has transformed from a select, smart collection, to a looser and less neat, but fuller and more genuine sample of my work. My drawing skills and ability to correct (or use) mistakes have generally improved, so I don't need to be as neat.

My thoughts have become no less romantic, but the ones I share now are more honest and less afraid to be big and messy and weird. I've grown so much as a person and this zine is a lovely record of that!

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Foxes - Holding onto Heaven

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