Fitting Room Focus: Suits You Sir

shirt - £32
I found some amazing suit pieces in River Island this week which I reckon would make Elly Jackson proud. The shirt above is a great example of the kind of dazzling detail that can make suit elements major contenders for parties and formal events. A serious pattern warning is in effect for this post.

trousers - £20, jacket - £50

just a pic of my hair before I removed the cute little buns

shirt - £30
My first find here was this exquisite pair of form-fitting trousers. Their pattern is unusual and eye-catching, but nicely understated. Probably my favourite item in this post. They felt very silky smooth and I was pleased with the nice bit of extra detail I could add by rolling up the legs a little to reveal the white inside them. A really smart item that pairs well with this silky emerald shirt decorated softly with little gold buttons and a mini collar. With this outfit you can deffo slip all the canapΓ©s into your pockets without being questioned.

This blazer reminded me of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club and may be too garish for some (I had to try it for pure ostentatiousness but I'm not sure I'd go for it - it might be a little too Elton John), but it's certainly interesting. The mini lapels echo the shirt collar, but I think ideally I would replace the light colours of the jacket with something darker to carry on the lustrous, darkened tone of the outfit.

velvet trousers - £15 (on sale), shirt - £38, jacket - £48
This jacket is more understated in tone and colour, but retains the busy look of the first. The cut of this jacket is more casual, and the pattern is less Sgt Pepper and more Saved By The Bell. You can't see the shirt too well in this photo, but the white spots on light pink are a nice little detail that subtly compliments the jacket, whilst the velvet trousers provide a nice texture to round off the look.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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  1. I've started looking forward to the dressing room features and really like the tone of your writing. I saw that really colourful jacket in the store and quite liked it too ... imagine the full suit!

    1. Aw I'm so pleased! Love you, you great jazzy skeleton.


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