Fitting Room Focus: How To Be A Cutie Pie

This week I've gone to Select - a sort of cheaper version of New Look. They had MEGA amounts of pastels in here, so I went with it and decided to dress like I was likely to be going after an ice-cream van on a tricycle.
shirt - £12, shorts - £10

I picked up these cute, soft peachy shorts and I like their fraying edges because it gives that cool "kid who ain't afraid to rip their shorts on bushes and stuff" look. The spotty shirt is really cute too. I like the rolled up sleeves. It's a little billowy though, so it doesn't look so great with the more fitted shorts, but it would work really well with some smart, loose trousers or tucked into a high skirt waistband.

top - £12, dungarees - £16.99
This shirt is super billowy but its style affords it versatility. It could probably look really elegant with some smarter clothes, but I tucked it into these strawberry ice cream dungarees for the ultimate cutesy look. I think these sleeves are an almost perfect use of sheer fabric, giving a nice romantic look.

Blurry H&M bonus:

top - £12.99, cycling shorts - £3.99
I love cycling shorts (or their DIY counterparts, leggings with the legs cut off). I love most stretchy clothes, really, because they just feel so comfortable (especially in summer when I'm at my most in need of breathable and stretchable fabrics). This top was a really nice example of a cute and simple top. Again, it has these rolled up sleeves, which I really like as a detail to turn an unremarkable top into a nice, minimally detailed basic.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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