Fitting Room Focus: Casual Melting Gear

This week I went for some simple tees in Peacocks. The kind of tees that will flap about just a little in order to allow a pleasant breeze to soothe you in the butt-melting summer heat. Some of these are kid's tees, because, you know, I'm an elf.

I wore this NEW YORK tee because I liked its sports feel and cool sleeve stripes. I've been to New York, so I'm allowed to wear this. If you haven't been to New York, this top will hiss at you when you touch it.

top - £6

top - £6

My next item was this spotty crop top. As you can see I'm trying to make it stop being a crop top for the photo. I'm not sure how to feel comfortable in crop tops (they are TOO cropped!) but I like them anyway.

top - £7

The double stripe sleeve detail has been utilised again for this tee (another crop top), this time with a black on white camera pattern. In the time between the previous picture and this one I seem to have come to terms with crop tops.

My thought process in this picture is basically "hahahahhehheeh I love mirrors hehehahheha"

And here's me post dress-up wearing the classic Homer Simpson white and blue colour palette in my age old David Bowie top, which I bought from a Camden market stall.after thinking about it solidly for a week.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Young Knives - Dyed In The Wool

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