Caterpeep is the first zine I've made for ages. An invitation to a zine picnic later in the month sparked my return to zine-making, and I'm glad it did! I found the picture of a Caterpie in a folder whilst looking for collaging materials, and decided immediately to stick it to the front cover of my zine. From that came Caterpeep's narrative, a silly story about a whiskey-loving caterpillar and her boyfriend. It was all very spontaneous as I wanted to jump into making zines without worrying, so I designated this as my test zine, and made the layouts for two zines so I could make more of an effort for a better one no matter how rubbish this one turned out. I ended up pleasantly surprised by Caterpeep, though. It is silly, it is full of drawings that are not my best, and I did make up each page on the spot, but for all of that I quite like it. The last page is my favourite, badly drawn light bulb and all.

Without further waffle, please enjoy my caterpillar zine.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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