Wobbly Harry Styles Socks!

I picked up a pair of Primark One Direction photo print socks because I saw them and was like "yes of course I want to have 1D's faces on my feet, why wouldn't I want that?" I picked the Harry Styles variety because I thought his photo was the best. Some of the others' photos looked like they'd been taken by a time travelling pap with a potato camera. Not the best.

On the front of the sock you get Harry's glaring face (probably looking at an ice cream van or something), and on the back you get a sequence of pictures of the whole band all jumping around and stuff. Nice enough.

The real fun thing about these socks, as I soon discovered, is that you can bend them into all sorts of mangled Harry faces. Much like Ross Kemp folds (Google it), but, like, with a sock.

ello ello ello


goodness gracious Valerie what HAVE you done to your hair?!

very interesting hypothesis

When you actually put them on though, they look ridiculous. If you want to have Harry Styles' distorted face stretched across your ankles then I guess these are the socks for you. I love them.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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