My Bedroom - Room Tour 2014

My bedroom has changed so much over the years and I figured it would be cool to make a post detailing parts of it so I can look back on it in the future. I might even revisit this and make yearly posts noting bedroom changes.

This is my pinboard, which is really useful for keeping things on it that I use regularly, or things that could easily get lost in a drawer. It's also just nice to have for decoration. Up the top I have print outs of Blixa Bargeld, Cat Stevens, Poly Styrene, and Strawberry Switchblade. I made them for a photo project and they've been up there ever since. At the moment I've got stamps, scraps of paper, a tube map, receipts, earrings, my hairbrush, scissors, a bottle opener, and a foot scrubbing file, as well as cool ladybird pins to hold everything up.

You can see the masses of paintings and other things I've used to decorate my walls. These have changed a lot and my wallpaper has really suffered under the strain of different things being stuck to it. Putting things all over the walls has been a great way to change the way my room looks, but I probably wouldn't do it if my wallpaper wasn't already really tatty underneath from years of abuse.

Before you start saying "WOW you're messy and GROSS" these pictures were taken when I was in the middle of preparing for an exhibition, so you can see my bag and shoes on the floor ready to go, with a cable for charging my mp3 player lying next to them (music is important!), and a huge piece of foam on top of the chair with other materials for fun art stuff. I do, however, use a cardboard box for a bedside table.

Here's the wall opposite the pink paintings wall. This is very sparse at the moment (I love the cheeky charcoal doodle though) and you can see the appalling state of my wallpaper. This is what 16 years of sticking things to your wall will do. I was a reckless child with no concern for home decor. C'est la vie.

This is the bulk of my furniture: a crammed bookcase with a matching chest of drawers, and "the white thing".

On closer inspection of my bookcase you can see that houses a lot more than just books. I've got my DVDs (including the brilliant Peter Capaldi film Soft Top Hard Shoulder), a sinister penguin torch, and the all-important cuddly toys (two of them are Beanie Babies).

The white thing is basically a chest of drawers with a big desk-like space above. If you take a look into this space you can see there's a useful round mirror here, and the place is decorated with paintings and pictures of Tony Hadley and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Note the David Mitchell drawing on the right, too. That was sent to me by the amazing eyebrow priestess Natalya Lobanova. I also have two of these boxes covered in Pokemon stickers. These are filled with all sorts of bits and bobs now, but started as a place for memories - i.e. notes from friends, stuff from school, holiday souvenirs, that sort of thing.

whoops a bad word!

Above that space there's a cupboard decorated with these weird Gilbert and George/Morecambe and Wise pictures, and a Dalek card from an old friend named Oscar. Inside here are some empty boxes and cuddly toys. I used to put stickers ALL OVER my furniture and the remnants of this can still be seen (although the cat stickers you see here are actually fairly recent).

This is my wardrobe, at the end of my room. It's one of the cleanest parts of my room, with only 2 drawings and a glow in the dark butterfly decorating it. On the left is my charcoal and chalk drawing of Tim Finn from Split Enz, and on the right is a pastel drawing I found on the floor of an art gallery. Unfortunately, my wardrobe is currently missing a knob.

At the end of my bedroom we have my door, which doesn't need any decoration as it's beautifully adorned with my lovely duffel coat.

Here's a view of my bedroom from the doorway, and yes, I know how wonky the lampshade is. I'm sorting it now, I promise. I'm not too enthusiastic about this bed frame any more. It's a bit... prison-like.

This is a view of the wall space just to the right of my big white piece of furniture. There's lots of post here amongst old paintings and a beautiful Thompson Twins picture disc!

And here's the last picture of my bedroom, taken from somewhere near the middle. You can see Marc Almond and Arvida Bystrom on the wall, as well as a Pokemon poster, a poster of Japanese ice cream flavours, and even more of my paintings.

I'll leave you with a comparative picture below, and as you can see here I've already started sticking things to the walls (my own drawings, a dolphin poster, and pages from a magazine - which are about Pingu - noot noot!).

here's me in my bedroom when I was little (you can find more bedroom pictures at my tumblr bedroom tag)

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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