For my uni assessment exhibition this week I made this quick little art book. The paintings inside are quite hurried and messy as I was concentrating mostly on trying out the book as a form. It was really fun and easy to make - I just painted some A5 pages, folded them over, and stapled them together in the middle.
Here's the blurb I wrote for the exhibition:

Lil Ashton

This book is a prototype testing the book as a relevant form for exhibiting my “world” of paintings, drawings, etc. The viewer is invited inside the book, making the tactile experience of handling the object an important component of the work. Via my interest in small items (trinkets, gifts, zines, etc) this is an effective way for me to create a world/idea and to put myself into a holdable object as a token of a moment or section of time. 
The words throughout the book are fragmented thoughts, the wandering of the mind, hopefully expressing the vastness and complexity of one mind (mine) and by extension the enormity of the cultural context that surrounds every person, being, and object - the huge and holistic nature of our environment’s effect and influence on us as individuals. The title was formed unthinkingly, but it is evidence of the pervading influence of pop culture on our thoughts and consciousness, as well as my preoccupation with my own childhood and adolescence as framed by the cultural environment of the 00s. 
Having the book hanging from the wall hopefully encourages interaction and in future books I would like to attempt to construct a mode of interaction between myself and an audience, perhaps via questions or instructions, or other modes of invitation for the viewer to act upon my work in some way.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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