Fitting Room Focus: Tesco Florals

I have finally ripped myself away from H&M to visit the exciting world of Tesco again - the land of baroque patterning and 1D t-shirts that act as mood rings when their design starts peeling off at the first sign of you feeling thirsty or inquisitive and you're left inquisitively frowning at Louis Tomlinson's face as it flops away from your t-shirt sadly, almost as if it could feel distaste. Those are the two thing you can buy, basically (unless you want a t-shirt for your 3 year old son with the phrase "ladies' man" emblazoned on the chest, and I really, really don't).

Anyway as you can see below, I've accidentally dressed as a plum.

plum cosplay

top - £8
This is not a good photo for my hair, but consider an exercise in honest hair representation. We all, those of us who have hair, know that it rules us, not the other way around.

I needed to show you the only important part of this top - the cool detail. I could easily fantasise that all my tops have a lavishly detailed see-through panel. Why don't they have this? This top makes me question my lifestyle with its fancy panel.

top - £14
After retrieving my mind from the fantasy land of lace panelling, I tried on this top, which has an interesting and very cushiony pattern. If you are in the habit of dressing up as a cushion, this could be the top for you. It's a comfy one, and the cut is nice. All you have to do next is apply tassels around your edges.

top - £16
I saw this top on a rail and I thought the pattern was so cute. I've been wearing daisy patterns leggings recently so I've been in a bit of a daisy haze. When I tried it on, however, it felt as if I had put on an inflated balloon. The shape and size of the thing was impossible to understand, and I wondered briefly if this top had been made for a car engine to wear. It certainly wasn't human-shaped.
Lovely pattern, absolutely awful garment.

I couldn't bring myself to continue after the daisy top monstrosity. It could possibly fit my scanner, but my scanner refuses to wear anything other than crop tops. Speaking of which, here's a bonus H&M shot for any H&M fanatics out there:

"mon petit cheri" crop top - £3.99 H&M, daisy leggings - £3 Primark

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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