Fitting Room Focus: Miss Selfridge Chunky Cardigan & Shorts

Hello, I'm Lil and I love cardigans. Can we talk about how cute I am? I'm literally such a cute and snuggly muffin. All thanks to cardigans. I won't lie to you, this post is almost entirely devoted to the beautiful cardigan above.

top - £30, shorts - £25
So I was in Miss Selfridge (I haven't provided a shot of me wearing my own clothes this time because at this point you've pretty much seen them all - note the fantastic H&M stripy socks with super cool black borders though) and I found this cute top & shorts combo. The top is a nice knit situation with smart detailing, and there's actually a pineapple on the front, which is hard to see in photos! Actually even on the Miss Selfridge website it's almost impossible to see. Anyway it's super comfy and I love the ribbed edges at the neck and sleeves.

The shorts are also so comfy and breezy and cute and I like their ultra light blue colour.

cardigan - £39
And now on to THE CARDIGAN. I found this cardigan reduced to £15 and it is the perfect thickness, with nice lengthy arms and generous pockets. SO warm and comfy and cute all at the same time. I love this cardi heaps. Just look at it. What a treasure.

Tune in next week for more cardigans softer than kitten paws, with enough pocket space to safely transport 12 Kinder Eggs!

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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