Fitting Room Focus: Mate, It Is Pretty Sunny

top - £12.99, shorts - £12.99

This week is a somewhat shorts-centric post as the sweat-beams have started to zap Britain and the only solution is to be as naked as legally possible. It's another H&M visit as the comfort of a familiar H&M is almost all I can bear whilst deep inside the haze of sunny delirium that renders me 32% conscious at the best of times.

I found these shorts and hearts began to float out of my eyes. I love the distressed grey and they are the perfect tight fit. As for the top, the neckline is the winning detail, and the lace sleeves and shoulder panelling is a nice touch for hinting that you're in a 90s girl band without making it too obvious.

Socks are H&M, shoes are Primark.

skirt - £5.99
I also found this airy skirt, which is really light - perfect for coping with obscene heat. What I really like about the look of this skirt is the line of  black buttons running down the front. This would probably look ace with some cycling shorts underneath too.

lace dress - £19.99
I love dresses but don't wear them that much because I find separates more convenient usually, but in hot weather it sometimes feels a lot more free and breezy to wear a dress, as you're not having to lug around jumpers and things. I like the understated, relaxed peachy colour on this - that nice space between bright and autumnal. People need a rest for their eyes in super sunny times and this dress offers it, with a nice bit of lace detailing to ensure it stills subtly stands out.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Saraya - Back to the Bullet


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