Fitting Room Focus: FLUFF PARTY

This week I have returned to H&M, because let's face it, it's pretty much my favourite shop on the high street. I could probably devote all of my Fitting Room Focus posts to H&M just because they have such a big and rotating selection of COOL STUFF available for me to stroke longingly.

shirt - £19.99, skirt - £14.99
The shop seemed to be in business mode on this visit so I grabbed this smart orange pencil skirt and this shirt with two massive boob pockets (to hold extra boobs in). The most impressive thing about this skirt is that it has really good pockets at either side. The orange is a colour I'd never normally wear, but this skirt could convince me. It's a spot-on perfect fit and shape, too. A skirt in a haystack.

jacket - £29.99
I popped this little blue jacket (with important shoulder pads to give your shoulders the right amount of flouncy, buoyant respectability) over my ensemble and now I am ready to sell stocks/quaff cheap wine over a tinseled cubicle. My view of office life may be really one dimensional. I'm assuming it's entirely accurate though.

Anyway the blue and orange are a good fit and I feel just the right amount of "Kew Gardens Joanna Lumley" and just the right amount of "Ooh this Prosecco is good, where's the pizza?"

purple socks enhance the look by adding that 2007 Klaxons feel that is sorely needed in modern business wear
My second outfit was more of an attempt at a direct party look, and ended up a bit of a school disco look. I've layered a cool mesh top underneath a bejeweled sleeveless dress because I'm not really one for the sleeveless lifestyle. I want people to be forced to imagine my shoulders. I just want my shoulders to become conceptual objects with no definite physical space, okay.

dress - £29.99, top - £14.99

dress detail
I also found one of these amazing fluffy jackets that make you feel like a really cool 5 year old or a warm celebrity about to shimmy away from paparazzi in a cloud of fluff. Or a sort of cloudy dog-walker.

jacket - £34.99

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Slayer - South Of Heaven

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