Fitting Room Focus: Stripy Dream

This instalment of Fitting Room Focus sees my return to the stripy wonderland that is H&M embracing spring time UK needs for shorts and soft happy warm weather patterns for fun Pimms drinking and stuff.

Here's me looking equally like I could be going running OR relaxing with a big portion of chips. A cunning disguise. I was actually doing neither.

top - £9.99, shorts - £14.99
This shirt is a bit too loose and blustering but I liked it's gentle colour and thought it would look nice with these trip-to-Kew-Gardens shorts. I love the shorts LOADS, but their weakness is that they have the stiffest button in the world. I'm not here for that, because I need my clothes to be about as tricky to remove as the plastic on a cheese single so I can avoid dying from exhaustion on my way out of a pair of shorts.

trousers - £19.99
Once I had removed the shorts via the emergency services, I tried on these light and breezy trousers. They were really comfy and pleasant to wear. Perfect for the warmer weather we've been having, but also good for if the weather decides very suddenly to get all cold. That's the beauty of light trousers. Good cuffs, good bum pockets, and good little stripes on these.

dress - £19.99
The last of my stripe trio comes in the form of this - a simple dress which looks like something you'd wear to a beach maybe? It looks like a "looking at the sea" dress or a "wear to barbecue" dress or a "making apple pie/chirping like a bird" dress. Hope those thoughts made sense. I like this dress it makes me feel very comfortable and cute and like I live in a La Redoute catalogue or something.

I love the muted colours on all these thingies, they are very "kitchenette"/"have a fruit" idk I'm too relaxed to form more coherent thoughts because these colours and patterns are so relaxing. Wow.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Crowded House - Whispers And Moans


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