Fitting Room Focus: River Island Romp (sorry I just really wanted to say romp)

legs - 99p
This week I returned to my number one favourite dressing room with excellent lighting, mirror placement, and shop music: the one in River Island! As you can see below, I was having a magnificent shorts and bare legs day. Feels good.

I also wore this shirt to protect against the sort of delicate breezes that send my life into incredible upheaval because apparently I can't cope with what some of you might call "outdoors"

top - £22, shorts - £25
So as you can see, the first item of clothing I picked out in River Island was this geometry pop star crop top conundrum. I don't know how comfortable people who aren't Rihanna or Jessie J tend to feel in the land of extremely visible bellybuttons, but it's not really a place I want to be, although it was fun trying this on and pretending for a moment that I was in a Jetsons-esque nightclub shouting out parallelogram facts from a hoverboard.

I quickly put my own t-shirt back on, comforted by the excess of material draping across my form like a droopy curtain (I think I do the droopy curtain style pretty well), and turned my attention to my favourite thing ever: these shorts! I am a huge shorts fan, as I'm sure you well know by now (if not, rest assured that I truly love shorts, for they are comfy and easy to wear), and these shorts certainly did not disappoint. There is something about the cut of them - high waisted and flaring out smartly at the legs. They also have cool little zips at the bottom of each side - a nice detail. Shorts!!!

skirt - £25

Next up I grabbed this floral skirt. The pattern and colouring are a perfect distance between cute casual and smart. I feel like this skirt could be very versatile and I like to see how it looks paired with BUSINESS ATTIRE. Not sure why I capitalised that, it just seemed right.

was tempted to draw in some faces on my knees here but I exercised incredible strength of will in not doing so

dress - £30

I also found this fun and cute dress. I think the two pattern work perfectly together to create a really dynamic and interesting look. It feels very playful and also is lightweight and comfortable - an ideal warm weather dress.

To conclude, here is a picture of me winking:


A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Nena - 99 Red Balloons

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