Fitting Room Focus: Peachy

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This week I ventured past the cute bags from last week's Fitting Room Focus and into the floral, peachy goodness Dorothy Perkins had to offer in the form of clothing.


me looking terrified in the face of my hair's insistence on being 87% mangled

jumper - £18, shirt - £22, skirt - £20
Before I start, what's with the chewing gum all over the floor? Gross.

First of all I threw on this very cute pastel lilac jumper. This is an ideal jumper with lovely texturing and an ice cream sweet colour. I think the colours of the jumper and shirt go together really well - the pale against a bright pop. The skirt caught my eye because I love daisies, but up close this print doesn't look as nice to me as it does far away - the edges of the daisies are a bit too "jittery photoshop cutout" seeming. Also, the material felt like it would make me sweat. A bit of a disappointment. However I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to long skirts because they can restrict movement and disappear my legs (possibly my favourite body part), neither of which are ideal.

shorts - £16
I grabbed this pair of shorts because they reminded me of camping, and I sure do love running into the Scottish sea in an effort to swim away from all the warmth in the world and eating tofu under a tarpaulin which is being viciously attacked by a torrent of rain. I love their colour and detailing, but I think this length makes me look a gnome, which I'm not overly keen on. Yes, it is me who loves short shorts. I do like these shorts though (they are more ME than the daisy skirt) and they had a great selection of shorts like this in canvas-y navy blue, a soft grey, and a light-blue striped pair. Enough to just about satisfy my voracious appetite for shorts.

top - £18
Next I switched to another floral with this top. It has slightly quilted detailing and has something of a country club vibe with it's slight silkiness, which manages not to overpower the casualness of it, making it potentially quite versatile.

jacket - £28
The top fits well with a blazer, but perhaps not the shorts. The shorts definitely do best accompanying a cute jumper and spotty socks. "Business shorts" is a tough look to achieve. I look more like a garden centre Guy Fieri with Waitrose and elfin overtones. Tune in later for more concentrated shorts & socks combo considerations.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Simple Minds - Come a Long Way

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