Fitting Room Focus: New Look & Dorothy Perkins

cool snap of me in my bf's living room mirror, showcasing my office-friendly mushroom prince haircut
This week's Fitting Room Focus is a phone cam special. Enamoured as I am with my cutie phone camera (shout out to Samsung slide phones - mine is a GT-S3100), I do usually take a higher quality camera with me to fitting rooms to capture the colours and patterns correctly and to make sure I have pictures with a certain amount of clarity, but this time I wasn't planning a fitting room adventure, so I didn't have my "proper" camera with me. Since I'm not exactly a very normal fashion blogger, I think I can probably get away with it. Often my phone camera grants me more of an off the cuff, diary-like look, which kinda suits me better anyway.

This Fitting Room Focus takes place in New Look.

me enjoying the comforts of the biggest jumper fleece thing in the world

the only top that genuinely fits me tbh
So first thing's first - my pre-shop outfit. As you can see I'm wearing a huge zip-up jumper that makes me look like a little girl in a big city. The reason for this, the ultimate in cosy, is that it was hella cold that day, and I need mammoth protection lest I disintegrate into a series of (VERY special) snowflakes. And snowflakes can't even wear clothes.

Underneath this wearable radiator, I have a nice and simple well-fitting grey top, and a long tube skirt (also super warm and comfy). I have really gained a fondness for tube skirts lately. They are form-fitting, flexible, soft, and cheap.

top - £14.99
I spotted this cutesy floral shirt with peter pan collar and since I'm already a brogue-wearer and as I have been known to exist between a peter pan collar and a satchel I fairly readily embrace the '60s/floral grandma sort of look. I like a bit of twee. I like handling tea cosies and listening to Dolly Mixture. It's all good, if a little bit hard to maintain in the face of my undying love for trackie bottoms.


dungarees - £24.99
Since I was little I've had such a love for dungarees. They just have such a carefree adventure tomboy vibe to me, which represents the core of everything I always wanted to be, really. Unfortunately they do make it trickier to go to the toilet, which is why I mostly avoid them these days. Adventurers have to take their ease of pee into account, really. Still adore them though.

jacket - £24.99
Please try to ignore this artistically blurry picture for a moment whilst I explain the purpose of this mint (I was going to write "minty" but that just me think about Eastenders) blazer. After you've put on florals/peter pan collar/dungarees/other childhood-reminiscent items, you can evolve into a PROPER COST EFFECTIVE SALES DEDUCTION BUSINESS ADULT by slipping on a lightly colourful blazer. Now you are ready to make daisy chains AND do your tax report.

dress - £22.99

And here we arrive at a different outfit. A simple black watch tartan style dress, still a bit '60s. In this you can probably happily reenact my favourite film, Daisies. Of course at this point I feel a bit naked with such a nothing-y collar. Some good socks could probably make this dress look quite different. The power of socks is unimaginable.

After leaving New Look I passed Dorothy Perkins and saw this bag through the door and I rushed towards it like I rush desperately towards the fridge when I'm hungry. I think it's the shape more than anything but I just really like this bag. Below are a couple of images I scanned from the in-store booklet guide. It's so cute, wah.

I want them in every colour

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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