Fitting Room Focus: Nautical Stripes & LYING TROUSERS

thick stripes & cute peach cardigan

Join me on my adventure to Next, the land of wildly inaccurate sizing, a selection of peachy pink delights, and good old loosely-nautical navy and white stripes.

Here I am showing off my rectangular, cutesy, android-like self in age-old Primark shorts, burgundy H&M jumper, purple tights (deceptively black-looking in this photo), and a David Bowie t-shirt (not that you can tell). I was also wearing my creamy white H&M biker jacket, but as you can see I'd already ripped it off in my hurry to shoo excess body heat.

Also of note is this bug badge which I keep on said jacket. This was a present from my mum and it is the best.

chinos - £20
I picked up two pairs of chinos and some jeans, and - whilst not all of these were quite my size on the label - none of them fit. Not even a little bit. I don't know what's going on with Next's sizing, but it sure did offer me some easy entertainment in the form of SAGGING FLAPS OF MATERIAL PARACHUTING AWAY FROM MY BODY.

cardigan - £25
I did, however, manage to find some things to fit me, like this spotty pink cardigan. They definitely had a strong colour scheme of soft pinks and corals with dark blues going on in store, which I liked. I think I would prefer this cardigan to ditch the sections of smaller spots in favour of having the larger ones all over, but I'm not sure. Sometimes having the two might be nice. I'm undecided.

jeans - £26
Here's me laughing at the ill-fitting jeans I picked out. Pfff. Jeans.

jumper - £30
I found this jumper and the striping is ideal. I love the blank navy parts. I feel like they give more visual "weight" to the jumper. Or something. *fashion words*
Also the big open neckline is nice.

when I'm smiling and my tooth pokes out like this it reminds me of Chip from Beauty & The Beast

cardigan - £20, dress - £45
I found this simple grey dress with a flattering shape and interesting but subtle pattern, and that's pretty cool, but the star of this excursion has to be this adorable coral cardigan. I love the colour, it's generous pockets, and the way it drapes. It's so cute!

favourite patterns :o)
Seriously, that cardigan. Wah!

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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