Rescue A Family: Bus Stop Shoot

A woman sits at a bus stop at night. She is looking left.

Last night my bandmate Ed and I spent ages laughing at each other and shivering with a hefty camera. We were on a band photo mission. Because I'd pinpointed a cool-looking bus stop, this would see Ed running across the road several times to beat both the traffic and the timer, which I'm sure he deeply enjoyed. For me it meant the slow crystallising of my toes. Boy was it cold. The drained images below are some of our favourites from the night.

Rescue A Family - A man and woman sit at a bus stop.

Rescue A Family - A man and woman sit at a bus stop.

Rescue A Family - A man and woman sit at a bus stop. The scene is deserted and they look bored.

Rescue A Family - A man stands and is blurred so it looks as if he has two faces. He wears a shirt with a triangle printed on it.

Rescue A Family - A woman sits at a brightly lit bus stop at night. She is wearing white tights and jacket and a black skirt and shoes.


A woman leans against a fence, lit by streetlights overhead.

A woman lies lavishly on a bench at a bus stop, with a hand on her hip.
me being fabulous

A woman is standing at a bus stop. She has her phone in front of her face to take a picture with it.

A man and woman standing up straight at a bus stop. Long shot.

A woman strikes a pose on a pathway behind some houses. She looks like a child playing at being an adult.

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A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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