Post-Haircut Scans

I've just cut off a good chunk of hair, and I feel really light. It's amazing how different you feel after a big hair change. I feel like I weigh so much less. I feel like I'm on the moon. I felt pretty straggly for a while, so I'm glad to be back to the easy, carefree ways of short-hair. Having such long hair (the longest since middle school!) has been an eye-opener and I feel more appreciative of my hair and it's texture and all. I used to struggle with it feeling too limp, but after hair lower than my armpits I don't think it could ever really feel limp at this length in comparison.

It's a bit sad to say goodbye to all that hair and to my lofty dreams of having hair longer than my body, but I feel really good having chopped it all off. No longer will I get hair in my mouth at every meal!

As for these scans, well, I think I'd like to make a weekly scanner post for some structure on this blog! After all, they are meant to record changes as time goes on. I won't choose a particular day to post, because it's nice to have the flexibility, but I'll aim for a once-a-week scanner series post. So, see you in a week!

All the hair that came off.

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