photo diary ft. squirrel

Got 2 rolls of film back this week so here's the good stuff.

A dark-haired man looking downwards, his face lit up softly from the right.
Elliot Summerhayes (probably contemplating sausages)

A squirrel on a park path, looking up near to the camera.
my pal the squirrel

Light from a nearby window falls on half a man's face, the rest of the picture is in shadow.
the light in this picture is amazing

A man walks down a residential road, captured in mid-speech.

A cloudy sky near sunset. The clouds are lit yellow by the setting sun and telephone wires can be seen.
beautiful clouds :)

Close up of a young woman's face as she looks slightly above the camera lens.

A young blonde woman with a cheeky grin, winking.

A young blonde woman faces the camera with a natural expression.

A slightly distorted image of a young woman taking her own picture in the mirror with a Lomo Diana Mini.

A foggy image of a man's face. Grass can be seen behind him.
it's nice to breathe on the lens sometimes and get these really foggy pictures

A dark-haired young man sits in front of lots of pink and cartoonish paintings.
Elliot in my bedroom

Close up of the top of a dark-haired man's face as he sits in front of several childlike pink paintings.

Close up of a dark-haired young man with a moustache.

Double exposure showing a young woman appearing twice in a mirror from different distances.
me x 2

Diagonal image showing a sculpture and two young women in a gallery.
The Saatchi

A sculpture which looks like a lump of crumpled paper shaped into three distinct figures like people wearing crumpled sheets.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

Listening to: Split Enz - I Walk Away

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