Green Paint & Gemmy

 Here are some recent paintings of mine. All below the purple cat were made yesterday in a quick shape-making frenzy (because, as I'm always eager to remind people, seriousness and concerted effort are only two options in the amazing world that is art). Near the bottom, you'll find my new character, Gemmy. I drew her on a loo roll absent-mindedly (and badly). I gave her a name and instantly I loved her lots.

this cat is painted on tracing paper and it has a cool dreamy/fluid look because of that
I am very fond of tracing paper

this OK person is such a favourite - I think I'm really liking spindly one-stroke arms lately

some shapes


"the sea is her everywhere"

mouse boy

more shapes & squiggles

this is Gemmy, my little girl tomboy character who wears dungarees
she has super curly hair and loves exploring

she likes all sorts of bugs!

Gemmy almost stepping on a snail
oh no!
I hope to give Gemmy lots of fun adventures on paper.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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