Fitting Room Focus: Trackie Bottoms Are The Way Forward Mate

This is a thing I didn't try on because I couldn't undo it - snazzy collar though, eh?
 For this week's Fitting Room Focus I went to my local Tesco. I feel like they have a lot of very "workwear" or "work event" focused stuff. I also tend to eye up the kid's clothes because it's right next to the adult's stuff, and sometimes they just have really snazzy dinosaur-themed t-shirts for three year olds which I love to stare at and desperately wish they made in my size. Little boys have the best supermarket fashion choices ever. That's right, I'm jealous of boy toddlers. No shame.

Me in full H&M as usual
 Anyway, so this was my Visiting Tesco outfit. It's just about the right time of year to start wearing lighter jackets, which I'm really glad about because I get sick of wearing a big winter coat after about 2 weeks. Makes me feel like an over-encumbered Little My. Although that actually sounds adorable, so perhaps not. In any case, hooray to my cream jacket. It looks a bit puffy because I've got my scarf all curled up inside it.

F&F Fluffy Pom-Pom Jumper - £18,
Skirt - £?
Found another very soft jumper, which is like wearing a pastel version of the mound in the Teletubbies. Excellent. I like a simple maxi/knee length skirt well enough (hard to tell what length a skirt is supposed to be because I have to take my shortness into account), but with the added mesh stripe this skirt becomes really appealing. It's just that one simple detail that makes it special. I think the skirt was around £20. I've really got to get better at noting the prices. This outfit makes me wonder if Tesco have been researching Cult Party Kei. Probably not.

jumper texture close-up - so soft :-)

cracking trews - £10

Next up come the beautiful, comfortable, amazing wonder that we call trackie bottoms. Sweat pants or jogging bottoms if you prefer. You can see how much I BLOODY LOVE 'EM by the look on my face here. I hadn't intended to come in here and find some of these, but I had been thinking about them for a while. I'd been wanting some comfortable trousers that don't look too much like you're going for a run or going to bed. I wanted some jogging bottoms that I could wear when I really needed the comfort, but that would also look well-fitted and nice. This picture doesn't do the colour justice, because they were not quite a navy blue, more a lighter, pebbled tone. Good pockets as well, which is (sadly) an incredible novelty to many a woman.

more cracking trews - £10
Here I am showcasing the pockets in my second pair of jogging bottoms, in simple light grey (which I am drawn to because it's like wearing plain black or white but this slightly mottled grey has more depth and feels a nice distance between light and dark - I love the heck out of grey, basically). Really comfy and not too baggy. Really all I want from a pair of these is to not have PE flashbacks as a result of wearing them. The tapered legs are my favourite aspect, and you can't see too well here, but these have cute cuffed leg-ends. I bought these because I had that rare feeling of "I know I'll regret not buying them." So what should I stuff in my pockets? What do men keep in theirs? Spare beards?

literally no idea of the price sorry

These sort of skirts make me feel really long, like a candlestick. That's good. That's a good thing. This is a smart look that I feel like I should wear to meet my smarmy husband at a polo match. In reality I would wear it to a Eurovision viewing ft. hotdogs and Irn Bru. The colours are good. I want more of this sort of blue. I am realising I don't have that many colourful clothes and this is a terrible mistake. I don't even have enough colourful socks. Most of my socks are either white, black (or almost black), or a dark purple. One of my favourite things is to see a businessman wearing a black suit and shoes with super colourful socks. Those guys are my fashion inspiration. More colour, more socks, more colourful socks.

Okay. Off to dream about socks now. Come back next Tuesday for more Fitting Room Focus!

Listening to: Justice - D.A.N.C.E.


  1. "Eurovision viewing ft. hotdogs and Irn Bru" - Great outfit for a great event.


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