Fitting Room Focus: the return to Tesco

Okay, I cheated a little bit here by returning to Tesco. Next week I will go to a different shop, but the thing is, when you decide to do something weekly, even if it's collecting diamonds or drinking milkshakes with One Direction, you will have off days. Today was a day where I just wanted to lie down and cuddle a very cute person or animal. So I went back to Tesco, only tried on four things, and went home to eat heaps of hummus and carrot sticks.

me in super comfort mode

top £14, skirt £18
This top was a bit unexpectedly see-through and the skirt didn't quite fit right but it felt really nice and the stripes are ace. I love a good stripe, AS YOU MIGHT REMEMBER. I felt a little bit Audrey Hepburn in this outfit. A good outfit to buy large baguettes in, or something.

sometimes pictures I take with my phone are just way better???
I love my phone cam and also myself

trousers £16
 You might notice that I'm wearing one sock inside out. That's because I'm a terrible person. These trousers were so comfortable and loose, but still looked sort of smart somehow. I didn't get a full shot of them, but you can see that pattern up close and that's the best bit. Patterns!

dress £22
This dress is pretty simple and alright, but I prefer sleeves that are more committed to being sleeves. It's nice but not particularly special. I think I picked it up for the cut - it does have a nice shape. Hope you like my frilly socks (they're from Uniqlo and remind me of school).

My favourite thing was that big stripy skirt. It's so satisfying to have a big skirt you can swish around. I like to swish things. Come back next Tuesday to find out what I'll be swishing next!

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