Fitting Room Focus: Furry Jumpers, Cuffs 'n' Stuffs

So, I've been meaning to do this for a while - I'm bringing back fashion posts to my blog. Finally! I had so much fun jumping around to the great music playing in the River Island fitting room today, and it made me remember why I liked making fitting room posts so much. The gist of these posts, from now on called "Fitting Room Focus", is that I go into a shop, pick up a bunch of stuff I like, and then try it on in the fitting room. This is a really fun way to see what's new in stock, and to talk about and show you all the clothes I love even if I can't buy them (and, coincidentally, it returns just as my hair has returned to a style more like my last fashion post). It's also an easy way to show you my OOTD at the same time!

So without further pre-amble, here is the very first FITTING ROOM FOCUS.

Lovely jumper textures

First of all, I popped into Miss Selfridge and discovered lots of lusciously soft furry jumpers. The texture of these is so nice, I felt like I was wearing blankets with the three jumpers I tried.

jumper - £39, Miss Selfridge
I'm not a big fan of the bow or the deep plunge on this one, but I like the lilac colour. The Joy Division tee is my own, a gift from my cousin's/uncle's record shop. The leggings were also really comfortable and I thought the pattern on the was really smart - although for a fuzzy jumper outfit I think I would wear something more plain to let the furry texture stand out more.

I do think Miss Selfridge seem to have consistently comfy clothing, which is not always the case. However, I didn't try on their entire stock, so they may well stock some uncomfortable stuff. Maybe I just gravitate towards the comfortable clothes?

leggings - £25, Miss Selfridge

jumper - £30, Miss Selfridge
 This blue short-sleeved jumper reminded me of a jumper tee I had as a kid with a big star on the front. It was probably one of the best pieces of clothes ever, and I remember trying to wear it even when I was growing out of it. I would really like to wear a jumper tee like this as my first level of clothing. It really is like wearing a blanket. This was my favourite jumper colour-wise.

blue jumper detail

Fluffy white polo-neck
 Next up I tried this white polo neck. The neck is really loose and slouchy so it feels really comfortable and not too tight and restrictive. Probably a good one for wearing in front of a fire, possibly in a log cabin. And that's given me a lovely image of living inside Twin Peaks (hopefully with less scary happenings though).
jumper - £? (completely forgot to note the price for this one, sorry), Miss Selfridge

coat - £60 (reduced from £85), Miss Selfridge
Liked this pale blue coat lots, especially when layered with the white polo neck jumper.  I think I look a bit like a certain someone from Speak & The Spells in this outfit.

OOTD - this is my standard winter get-up: nice duffel with big pockets, big cream jumper from New Look (a Christmas present), a scarf I found in the street somewhere, Primark leggings, H&M brogues and white socks with a little detailing (like school socks)
 Next up I went into River Island and tried on three dresses, each with really nice patterning.

dress - £15 (reduced from £30), River Island
The variation in patterning on this one keeps it really visually striking, especially with the standout black collar and arm cuffs. "Cuffs" is such a good word. Cuffs.

Not sure why I went for this pose, but let's just go with it

Collar/pattern detail

dress - I think this was £30 (if not, it was £25), River Island
This dress is more sophisticated - a nice cut and a simple grey, with just a smattering of detailing to give it the right amount of fanciness. I feel like this could be a really good work dress. The cut on the sleeves, particularly, is perfect to me. I need the top of my arms to have some good coverage.

This is such a cool pattern

dress- I think this was £25 (if not, it was £30), River Island
 This dress was probably my favourite. This is the ultimate floral pattern for me. It was actually a bit hard to get on because it's built so tight, but this resulted in it actually looking like a tight dress on me, which most tight dresses don't manage - mind you I don't usually get to try on dresses in a size 6 so perhaps I'm just more often smaller in dress size than I thought. Anyway, I really did like this one. Out of all the garments featured in this blog post, this would be the one I'd buy.

Me loving it

This is a cute end pic - my tooth always pokes out a little when I smile... I'm a cartoon
Okay, I'm still longing for this dress. Jeez. Come back next week for some more FITTING ROOM FOCUS. Bye.

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