Fitting Room Focus: Big Yellow Thing

me in a big yellow thing

This week I visited H&M and tried two batches of clothes in two different fitting rooms. Which fitting room is better? There's only one way to find out.

Above you can see my pre-shop attire, complete with large mens tee (a rejected present which I wear for maximum comfort and a dash of sentimentality), Primark plimsolls, and tights I glued triangular gems on in an attempt at exciting DIY. If you ever find me not wearing black and/or grey, the likelihood is that you have entered a different universe.

top - £7.99, skirt - £3.99
On to the very daring and different selections I grabbed in the shop, like this simple grey tee which I definitely don't pretty much own already. Oh dear. The skirt though, is 100% my favourite choice. I'm not sure why I don't already have a skirt of this shape and length because this is great, and the dots are a nice way to change up the lifestyle of constant black clothes. Actually I don't have anything dotty, for all my previous gushing on dots. What's up with that?

Next I found this huge, multi-textured top/jumper (it's sort of both) and felt half HYPER FASHION, half colourful wizard. For the stylish D&D player who also likes sunflowers. When I put on a buoyant orange skirt I felt like too much of a flower cosplayer (not really a fan of orange, actually). Best to play off the striking look of the yellow top with a more understated lower half, I reckon.

big yellow thing - £19.99

me about to get pollinated
skirt - £24.99

my second rack of patterns and teal - I really like this as a "clothes palette"
On my second clothes-grab I picked some slightly more coordinated choices. I'm trying to put a little more thought to this than just "stuff I like" because otherwise I'll end up showing you 37 different slim t-shirts in various shades of grey.

top - £9.99, skirt - £12.99
I feel a bit weird about this whole "super baggy short sleeved/cropped" top thing that seems to be going on. I love a good baggy jumper and all, but I need the foundation of a top that doesn't feel like it could be blown off me in a sudden wind. It's the sleeves more than anything. I need a more fitted sleeve. I can't function without.
dress - £14.99
This dress is really sweet and I feel v. springy in it like I should be holding an ice cream (mint choc chip is my fave and it would kinda match).

leotard - £12.99, skirt - £3.99
This outfit makes me want to join Lucius (I mean, even more than I already do). Patterns are the way to paradise. Quote me on that.
top - £3.99, shorts - £7.99
And finally a cute outfit for running around and eating raspberries in. These shorts! I love shorts!
- shortsfan61

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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