David Mitchell With Pizza

This is an archive of my long-running David Mitchell With Pizza series, which was based on this lovely Twitter icon belonging to Mr Mitchell:

As a result of DMWP, the beautiful relationship between Mr Mitchell and his delicious friend has become clear, like so:

May the story of David Mitchell and pizza live on in our hearts forever.

Brian Blessed with Skips

The David Mitchell With Pizza shop is no longer live, but you're welcome to get your own David Mitchell With Pizza shirts printed if you fancy it.


  1. i love these!! is it weird i read them all in his voice? xxxx

  2. You can really see my artistic abilities increasing over the years. I remember when a stranger started talking to me about DMWP and I had to awkwardly say "yes it's me who draws that, here I am."

    This collage showcases my strange pizza legacy quite beautifully.


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