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How to be a person on the internet:
Here is my fun internet project, featuring comic sans and webcam photos printed out and mixed with IRL fluids. Webcam photos are nice printed out. For computer babies.
The title is taken from a line in Glee (Sue calls Will this in the episode in which everyone gets drunk) which I don't really like but I watch it because I enjoy it on some level I suppose

I want to be a body and not an image but that is culturally impossible so here I am lamenting free nakedity like such as wot I experienced in my childhood

Let's all have casual emotional breakdowns online


Moon Goddess

After reading Dustin Harbin's diary comics I wanted to try drawing my own diary comics. I thought it would be a nice and loose approach to do it via collaging. I found that trying to keep up a narrative was quite laborious, so I think if I continue to do this it will be just diary doodles of nuanced moments, rather than sequences of panels necessarily.

I also felt like I was gravitating towards drawing stuff that feels possibly too private for the internet, and would like to draw more mundane life things rather than the things that are the most personally/emotionally involving for me.

Here is my small attempt so far. I like the idea of collaging onto photos to make a comic, but I'm not sure it's that effective in practice. It's possibly a bit on the laborious side of things.

(8th September 2012)