Collaging: pt.2 (photo collage)

I have lots and lots of 6x4 prints cluttering up a drawer because I mostly just pay attention to digitising my analogue photos, but I thought it would be good to make a messier version of a photo album (as part of exploring many varieties of diaries and scrapbooks and other sorts of personal mementos). It's nice to be collaging materials that are all uniform in some way (even if I am ripping and cutting to make scraps, which obviously changes the physicality of a print). It's interesting to see what sort of images I can construct (turning several images into one composition). These compositions take on a narrative as the individual components are put together.

Next I want to try collaging heavily with photo prints like these, but with other scraps and illustrations mixed in. I think compositions made this way will be potentially more full and engaging for their business and diversity of source material.

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