Collaging: pt 3 (photo collage again)

I thought it was a good idea to fill an exercise book with photo collages, partially to see how the nature of the collages changed as the book filled up and partially to create a photo album I suppose, and item less common with decreased physical manifestations of photos as tangible mementos/increased digitisation of photos. And it's one of a multitude of different versions of diaries or journals as well.

As the book went on I got and more impatient and less calculated in my methods, much more inclined to just slap anything and everything down at random. This seemed to actually make more dynamic images, suggesting that thinking too much about placement can dilute some sort of compositional variation that allows work to be more interesting via a dynamic spontaneity that occurs otherwise. Of course it's impossible to turn off all thought, so this is debatable in terms of the fact that my placement of images can never properly be random.

I suppose a messy photo album like this could be considered a bit more lifelike than a digital collection of images in the sense that the rips and wonky edges and all of that sort of thing give it an almost more tangible texture in a way, and the grouping and gathering of images as components making up a bigger picture brings a narrative into the collages that isn't present when flipping between images in an online album.

At least blogs and Facebook photo albums aren't so bloody heavy though.

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