///art school notes: vol 1

I know a large part of my self-directed work during my time at Wimbledon will concentrate heavily on the personal. I think a lot about communication and individual expression and projected internet identities and things like that and I want all of this connected stuff to come together in my work. I keep a lot of notebooks and diaries and journals, and since becoming more and more one with the internet as I matured I do feel the desire to document everything, to represent myself in every way and share my thoughts. So I've decided I'm going to use my blogs as part of my work. Intersecting research and notes and whatever that I do on paper with anything relevant that I do online. And from a holistic point of view, everything is relevant, as the things I'm working on now are about the internet and communication itself. So I hereby declare this blog, my tumblr blog (mothcub.tumblr.com), and my other, more casual blog which I use to explore ideas or things that may influence my artwork (uhuhhhhh.blogspot.co.uk) components of my research/working journal. In the future a potential assortment of other online spaces may be added to this personal directory.

In spirit of this collection of research and all, I am going to post my general notes here, always under the label "notes." It's nice to have them presented here as a sort of clean version of the whole messy notebook.

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