"I just want to be a perfect little flower of joy and I don't see why that is unrealistic?"

I've been being even more messy and collagey and barely conscious in my diary entries and I wonder if posting the more personal things is wise. Mostly I find that reading the personal stuff again is like reading the words of a completely different person and I find it embarrassing and weird but I think it's important to look at this stuff and be okay with it. I need to understand the multitude of old selves to fully understand my current self, maybe. I don't want to transition without paying attention to transition. Making it a tool, I suppose, rather than being passive about all the old me ghosts. The me ghosts tried their best, after all. 

I think this diary has been an important way of letting those me ghosts drift off but at the same time offering them a cuddle and telling them it was all okay. And with the help of this little ghost gang I have gathered, I can do my best to make things okay in the future, and understand better when things aren't okay. Thanks ghosts.

On an unrelated note, I have recently been enjoying the words "school" (as used to refer to universities) and "skeevy."

I like the inspiring words on the moon - they were from an interview with Niki & The Dove in the June 2012 issue of The Fly

The words in red are things Julian Barratt says in the wonderful 90s comedy Asylum

Goblin illness

Internet thoughts

Moth thoughts


A little bit of a future diary page:

Bonus animation:

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