How To Make Art Without Killing Yourself

How To Make Art Without Killing Yourself is an attempt to address the frustrations of being creative, particularly for those in the (often lengthy) "beginner artist" stage.  I wanted to mock the contrast between artists who are struggling, insecure, red-cheeked babies and the artists who seem to simply exhale incredible pieces of work. I wanted to tap into the more or less universal feelings of inadequacy that will be all to familiar to all but the Piers Morgans of the art world. I wanted How To Make Art Without Killing Yourself to be at once both sympathetic and tongue-in-cheek, and I wanted it to offer genuine advice and inspiration. I originally envisaged it as a pocket book.


  1. I LOVE this. I totally relate to what you said about the beginner artist stage. When I took my first printmaking class I was always nervous and constantly thinking "I'm trying my best, I'm just a baby printmaker!"

    1. Thank you! Being a little babby artist is tough!

  2. This is seriously cool! That Anatomy anatomy anatomy one makes me think of Egon Schiele!

  3. this is so great and useful! amazing! love your blog (but this post especially) :-) xx


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