A tiny photo album

I thought I'd do something with the prints I had lying around, and I ended up turning this little book into a very portable little photo album. Things that are the best: tiny things, hearts, minuscule marks and scratches and dirt recorded in precise detail by a scanner.



My grandfather's house, Sterling

Me and Mark (and Jarvis)

Me with Jarvis, Poly Styrene, John Maus


Someone standing at the end of the catwalk at Fashion In Motion at the V&A museum, me wearing love heart socks

Hampton Court, mystery woods


Pandit Dinesh playing with Blancmange at Bush Hall, and Dave Vanian from The Damned

Trafalgar Square

Whiskey the cat

Flowers: Arisaig, goat: Glasgow


Me with a pizza, Nick & Lucy
For scale:


  1. Awh.
    My favourite ones are the first two.
    What do you take your photo's with? Where do you develop them?

    1. These photos were taken with a disposable camera, Disderi Robot 3, and Lomo Fisheye. I develop them at Boots. I used to get them developed at Tesco because the quality and price were excellent, but my particular branch offered a very poor service and I found myself getting ignored and they were always out of 6x4 photo paper, so I stopped going there. I did try Snappy Snaps once and to my surprise the picture quality was absolutely terrible.

    2. Try asda, I found them supperrr cheap. Although I only have mine developed and put straight onto CD rather than printing them out. Only costs me £2 that way, but I keep the negatives in case.


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