Be a bubble

I like to re-use and destroy all my photo prints in various ways because otherwise they'll take up a lot of space. Also it's just fun to re-use stuff, as I have learnt from developing a substantial obsession with collage and mixed media and anything that allows you to mash everything together like some big cauldron of varied goop (the goop is my life).

These photos are from my BUBBLES IN THE WIND shoot and I cut them into hearts because I love me.


  1. Will never get over how sweet your scanner photos are. I dont know if my face would fit in mine!

  2. Your blog is so GOOD. I love it, you seem very artistic I am tempted to put my face in a scanner and see how it looks. I hope you will look at my blog too

    1. Thank you, your blog is very cute. Please do try scanning yourself! A few posts back I asked for people to send me scans of their hands because I'd like to build up a nice collection, so if you do end up scanning yourself, please do send some hand scans along to me!

    2. Thank you! Okay I will try it out and make a post :D also omg i have no idea how to follow you because i can't find a 'join' button! (i think it is in widgets or ~more likely~ I am just not very blogger savvy.) I will keep checking your blog though! <3


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.