Thanks for smiling and doing other great things with your face

One thing I like about scanning is that it allows you to record the subtle movements of the body. I talked to someone on the internet today about how you don't really know what someone looks like properly until you've witnessed their facial expressions. A still image captures a person in a moment, it doesn't really capture them. Obviously scans are still images, but their minute detail allows for recording tiny variations in movements and expressions in a brilliantly exquisite way. One inevitable result of my relentless scanning has been that the scans show variations in hair length. That sort of represents the same thing. Movement. Change. Also, of course, you can manipulate the reality captured by the scanner by moving along with the light, which can make for some pretty alien results. A natural progression from myriad scanned static facial expressions is to make animations, which immediately bring the personality encapsulated by a person's movements to the scans by virtue of, you know, actually moving.

I am fascinated by people's expressions and mannerisms. I'm the sort of person who writes lengthy prose about wide grins. I can't wait to scan someone else's face one of these days.

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