Teen memories

I have a box full of old notes and school things that I like to sift through every so often and shake my head at. I'm going to stay with my friend Lucy tonight, who I've known since we were about 11, so in honour of that, please enjoy some of my favourite things from my box of memories. I miss the group dynamic that school necessarily fosters, and the closeness that comes with being that age and seeing the same people every day and being each other's Get Out Of Boredom Free cards. It's interesting to contrast these old scraps with the diary I've recently started. It's always a delight to find old memories you've kept safe in a physical form, and having all these things has definitely made me want to keep collecting and recording things and moments like this. Blogging, as well, has made me increasingly obsessed with recording details of my life, and it's nice to have digital records of things, because blog posts can't get ruined in the rain and don't take up space in your bedroom.

A complete doodler at 12 years old

Charlene and Asia commandeered my planner during an English lesson

Jess getting the birthday sentiment right

I drew this on the toilet as a distraction from the ridiculous idea of actually fully attending a science lesson

Happy gel pen day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Sadly, I never got that mohican - and now it's too late." Mr Chapman had a Hugh Grant voice

This was my middle school and whoever designed this leaflet is my hero and inspiration

This one too

I had an awful maths teacher who I made life hell for

A lovely comic about unrequited love by my wonderful friend Joanna Baldwin

We said we were like pineapple and cheese because we were so different but went well together

I don't use umbrellas because I find them to be more trouble than they're worth, but this is entirely accurate

By Joanna

Portrait of Steve the goth technician by Jess

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  1. This is full of school. You're a whisk/whistle.


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