Spots and skulls

 I did a spot of dressing up today. I was looking for some interesting uses of black and white, and I found some. There certainly are a lot of stripes about in the world (I like stripes). I tried things on in H&M, River Island, and Miss Selfridge. Without further delay, please enjoy today's dressing room escapades.

Spotted (HAR!) these tights in H&M - I'll take 500 please

These too, because I'm a sucker for lace/crochet/that sort of thing

My first set of clothes to try in H&M

I'd already seen plenty of stripes when I got dressed at home

These things are a bloody nuisance

Simple, but interesting - and super comfy

My weakness for suit jackets dictated that I must try this on even though I came in wearing something quite similar

The white piping is just so good

My second lot of H&M clothes

Skulls and zips and PVC, oh my!

I couldn't undo the buttons on this, so I couldn't try it on, but look at it anyway

STRIPE ALERT! - River Island

Epaulettes are good

Yet again, more stripes

This feels nice

This dress removed my hairband - awfully rude

Mint lace? Yes please, thanks River Island

Look at that lace

It's mesmerising

Big pockets are the best pockets

My Miss Selfridge selection

More spots, more sheer fabric

I love the opaque/sheer combination on this shirt

Black & white floral leggings

I just tried this on to feel like I was in some sort of 90s girl band

Did someone say... stripes?

I like playsuits mostly because "playsuit" sounds so FUN

I didn't buy any of this, but I did get a sequin skirt for £3.30 from The British Heart Foundation. I'd been wanting something black and covered in sequins for my bottom half to go with my sequin jacket, so hooray! A bow tie is going to join it and we're going to go out and have some fun tonight.

A scan of my sequin skirt

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