Self portraits with bindweed and daisies

My mum brought some bindweed back from the allotment and we became acquainted. Then some daisies came round for a tea party in my hair.

Plants really get me. They're good friends. If I ever have any troubles they just fold them away in their petals and leaves and they melt away.

I am listening to some wonderful songs that, to me, convey important and beautiful ideas about life and living and feeling. Do have a listen to these:
Blancmange - I'm Having A Coffee (Evocative of how important it is to just enjoy everyday things)
Will Smith - It's All Good (Big Willie Style was one of my first albums and I have soft child memories of it)
EinstΓΌrzende Neubauten - Sabrina (Blixa's soft near whisper in this is a bit like eating a strawberry cream)
John Maus - Hey Moon (I like to spend time with the moon too)
Molly Nilsson - 8000 Days (A sort of loving lament to the passage of time - I really like this video as well)

Smoking daisies


  1. Daisy chains are great! Thank you for the music suggestions. I'm going to go have a listen now. :)

  2. how did you create those photos? with a scanner??? how is that possible?? its amazing honestly


    1. Thank you so much! Yep, the contrast and general effect can vary a lot depending on what scanner/scanner settings you're using (I use a Canon MP270), but I pretty much just plonk my head down on the glass.

      This is a scanner project I'm really interested in:


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