Remember this every day

Dear people,
Don't forget why you started taking pictures/writing poems/drawing butterflies/collecting teabags/etc. You did it for fun. You still do it because it makes you feel full and content and like you are being yourself in the utmost. Don't think too much, but do it. Replenish yourself.
Love from, 

P.S. If you're into perpetually aroused Germans expressing said arousal via firmly undulating synthpop overlayed with whispery, panting vocals (I am and everyone knows it), listen to Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft.

I took these pictures on my way to and from the shop from which I purchased some mushrooms and other enjoyable items. It was a little bit rainy, lots of puddles. The sun shone really brightly when I was coming back. The sky was very blue. Someone had left their scooter propped up against Blockbuster's window. Most places were closed as it's Sunday (more commonly called "the day everywhere's closed and then you realise you're out of food at 7:48pm and you can't do anything about it"). I like puddles, I like reflections, I like cracks in the road. I like leaves, windows, and strangers. These things are everywhere. Let yourself enjoy them.


  1. These photos are charming. Did you have a nice mushroom supper?

    1. Thanks Naoise, I sure did. I used to eat mushrooms in shops like you do with grapes. I was a sneaky mushroom thief.


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