"I need to work on getting my life started! In the meantime I am listening to Destiny's Child."

Here are my diary entries from the past 12 days:

Metronomy & memories

Poetry and printed shorts

Writing about the internet and then posting scans of that writing to the internet

I liberated some clearance stickers

Opting out

Knackered and enjoying the Metro

Evidence of my balanced diet

And here are some future pages I've already prepared with backgrounds:

What a wonderful mode of expression. A diary can end up being a bit like a friend, oddly.
Please enjoy this song and your day/life/trip to the park/sordid affair with Dappy from N-Dubz.

Seems like it's going to become a habit to put mini-mes at the end of these posts

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  1. wow, excellent diary! and fabulous blog :) so creative, I like it.


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