Cats & Disco Balls

I tried on some stuff in Joy yesterday (I like the word "joy" and think it's a good name for almost anything). They have some fun items, my favourites being the Louche Kat Intarsia Jumper and the Louche Cloud Intarsia Jumper (both priced at £45).

And as you can see, I very much enjoyed wearing two cat-themed garments at once (I am truly living the dream). If I only I could get my hands on all of these things, then life really couldn't get better. 

Louche Chat Dress, £55

cats cats cats

Louche Kat Intarsia Jumper, £45
 I love the dressing room decor too:

I like to feel as if I am at a disco whenever possible

The word "British" has been written on the telephone box just in case you weren't sure. There's a height chart on the opposite wall that tells me I'm taller than Toulouse Lautrec and much shorter than BeyoncΓ©. This is valuable information. Dressing rooms ought to be as interesting as the clothes, really. I don't think I'll ever be quite satisfied with blank dressing rooms again after being faced with five disco balls varying in size and painting me with little pieces of light.

Today I have discovered a wonderful band called A.Human. Please enjoy these nice music videos they have up on Youtube:
Take Me Home (I'm a sucker for synchronised dancing. I love the selection of "Hey, he's my art teacher!" comments people have left here.)
Bring Me The Head Of A Human (feat. Gaggle) (The bit at 3:20 where they smile at each other is my favourite because I like smiles.)

Choice lyric: "These magazines I'm buying and I'll pay for, 7 quid. Their contents make me anxious, the copy makes me sick." - Post Post Modern Anxiety Blues


  1. I went in a changing room recently that had wardrobe doors and inside was a picture of Narnia. It was pretty great :)

  2. There can never be to many cat garments on one person!! Such a cute changing room too. I wish more places would pay more detail to the decor inside their changing rooms. The place that I work must have the smallest & dullest changing room ever. I'm tempted to decorate it whilst my supervisor is out on their lunch break now! Definitely checking out the Joy website for clothes now too (╯' v')╯


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.